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Who am I??
I know you have asked yourself this question at least once if not several times throughout life...
We human beings are wired for MEANING and PURPOSE in life, and without it, tend to have unfulfilling experiences and can get lost, with it, we are super hero's of our own fate, designing a life on our own terms and contributing to the world with our authentic essence.

Over the last years Melisa has been delivering her Ignite Your Life Purpose program exclusively to organisations, executives and their teams... the results were hugely profound, people having break through's and gaining massive clarity in what it is they truly want in life, who they are and how to live a more purpose driven path... and with the 'map' in their hand customized to their life, they are able to truly start living from within and consciously create their best life.

It was so powerful, that Melisa decided it was time...
She has been empowering souls for over a decade with the concepts she teaches, and has decided it time to finally make this incredible course available to individuals like YOU who are commited to consciously creating their best life and living with purpose!
Because you deserve a life filled with abundance, love and joy. 

You are not reading this by accident, you made it here because you are special… 
…because you are someone who is truly committed to becoming the best version of yourself…
…You prioritize growth and personal development as an essential part of your life.
…You know you are here to live with purpose and can add value to the world by being you.

So welcome, it’s a pleasure to make an impact on your personal growth journey...

Want to be the leader of your life?
Want to awaken your power and live life by design?
Want to make an IMPACT in the world?
We are taught not to roar, to conform, to be sheep, but every single one of you is unique, is a lion, is a leader. You just forgot.
Time to awaken…

Sign up now, and we'll see you in the next chapter of your life!

Ignite Your Life Purpose 
Online Digital Course


  • All you need to ignite your life purpose and create the life you desire through purpose, mastery, identity and lifestyle​
  • ​A complete, interactive, on demand online course that brings you true results, delivered by a world class expert, educator & coach (you will feel like Melisa is in the room with you!)
  • ​The complete 'Ignite Your Life Purpose' online program - module overview below 
  • ​You will get clarity on your calling & create your life purpose sentence, which is your unique value contribution to the world 
  • You will identify and develop your strengths into mastery that gives you opportunity to encorporate it into your work/career & all aspects of life
  • ​You will be guided through deeper self awareness, upgrading your identity & removing the biggest blocks to your success 
  • ​You will get practical walk-through methods to re-design your lifestyle for optimal wellbeing, step by step 
  • ​You will get a life-changing activities template and guidance to start integrating your purpose and true self into your every day life
  • ​You will get my unique model with the 4 secret methods to unlocking your true potential and fulfilling your soul purpose with confidence and power 
  • ​Personal login & lifetime access to the entire online program so you can learn, rewatch & implement at your own pace!
  • ​Learn in your own time & comfort fron wherever you want.
  • ​+ FREE BONUS: Get Melisa's Create The Life You Desire 6-day Challenge Training recordings included with lifetime access!
  • ​+ FREE BONUS: Get Melisa's masterclass on manifesting your best life including Law of Attraction

 :: Warning ::
side effects of Melisa's teachings may include higher productivity, better results, increased happiness and wellbeing.

See what students & customers have to say about Melisa's impact in their lives from her work!

Melisa Arnautovic

Educator | Speaker | Writer

About The Trainer: 

Melisa Arnautovic is your human development educator. She is an international speaker, experienced trainer, writer & Founder of LIV.In Training.
Her purpose with her work is to empower people to grow consciously through wisdom, freedom & unity.
You're in the right place for expanding your consciousness and self mastery.

Melisa helps people around the world, having worked directly with thousands across +80 countries.
She has +14 years experience in human sciences, business, learning & development training in multiple aspects of life. 
+4 years as an entrepreneur & founder, delivering training workshops & teachings for all encompassing human skills.

Melisa teaches real LIFE skills for well-being, self leadership, abundance, raising your consciousness & living a more joyful, loving, peaceful & fulfilling life.

Her concepts combine spirituality, sciences , NLP, anthropology, business, wellbeing & applicable tools that help you make true transformational, lasting change.

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